Take a short survey on the new Research Commons

1. What is your status?
Senior Member
Non UG Postgraduate
2. Which floors or areas did you use today? (check all that apply)
1st floor
2nd floor
3. Can you describe what part of the areas above you used?
Discussion Rooms
Presentation Rooms
Seminar Room
Lounge Area
Computer Carousels
4. What were the main things you used these areas for today?
Getting help from IT staff
Group project
Finding research materials
Writing space
Getting help from librarians
Independent study
5. If you used any of the technology available in the space, what was it?
Scanning stations
Printing stations
Photocopying stations
Research computing stations
Projectors and screens
6. What amenities and furnishings did you use today?
Lounge chairs
Electrical power outlets
Coat racks/hooks
Flip Charts
7. What features of the new space were most helpful for your work?
Access to electrical power outlets
Easy access to help and technology
Larger work areas
Quieter environment
Collaborative options
8. What features did you NOT find useful?
9. If you could have one thing in this new space, what would it be?
10. THANK YOU! If you'd be willing to volunteer to talk with us further about the Research Commons, please leave your email. We will not share your personal information with anyone outside of the library.