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Research Commons (RC): Facilities & Services

A scholarly space for Postgraduate Students and Faculty of the University of Ghana.

You will find in the Research Commons...

  • A networked environment with seventy-two (72) PCs,
  • All PCs have Windows 7 and basic software for research such as Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat, 
  • Other software for research such as Reference Management software (Zotero, Mendeley)
  • Analysis software such as STATA on some of the computers
  • Individual study carrels  
  • Wireless conneticvity and power points to enable you to use your own laptops
  • Newspapers in the lounge to help you catch up with news
  • Friendly and helpful Staff
  • Discussion rooms which you have to book  online


Services offered at the Research Commons include

  • Access to Electronic databases-journal databases such as Science Direct, Ebsco databases, Emerald, Taylor & Francis and many more
  • Research Support
  • Technical Support
  • Assistance by skilled librarians
  • Workshops/instruction on relevant topics such as on how to search effectively, different bibliographic management software, citing and referencing, the UGCat, a walk through specific databases etc. These workshops are held periodically but may be held on request by a group of students

Provision has been made for printing, scanning and photocpying of documents. Pricing is not different from what is charged in other sections of the library.

Discussion Rooms

There are seven (7) discussion rooms in all. Six (6) of them can take 2-6 people. There is one large one which takes a maximum of 12 people.The discussion rooms are well-equipped with a white board and markers. They also have power points and wireless connectivity to enable the use of laptops.

The maximum period that any one group may book the discussion room is three (3) hours. Booking may be done online. 

Inside the discussion rooms

smaller discussion room   discussion room with capacity of 12