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Open Source Software: General Computing Tools

Web Browsers

These are some general tools for web browsing.  These browsers cover multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and several linux builds.

  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    Free and open sourced web browser. Extremely modifiable to personal needs.
  • K-Meleon (Windows)
    Lightweight and customizable open source and free web browser. Based on same platform as firefox.
  • Amaya (Windos, Mac OS, Unix)
    Web browser and editor
    "Amaya started as an HTML + CSS style sheets editor. Since that time it has been extended to support XML and an increasing number of XML applications such as the XHTML family, MathML, and SVG." -
  • Konqueror (KDE)
    Web browser and file manager for Unix environments. Built for KDE
  • Chrome (Windows)
    Free browser provided by Google. Based on the Chromium open source framework.
  • Sunrise (MAC OS)
    Open source web browser built for mac. This browser has many including visual bookmarks and view page source functionality.
  • Epiphany (Linux)
    Web browser for the GNOME environment.
  • Camino (MAC OS)
    Open source, free, and built to work specifically for mac os and the features that mac users find so useful such as bonjour and key chain.

Citation Management

These tools will help you manage resources for your papers and presentations.  Some are NYU supported and some are not.

  • Zotero
    Free software that allows you to collect, organize, and cite your resources. Has many features which can be explored at
  • CiteULike
    Free ( but not open) software for storing research, pdfs, and helps you find new related resources.
  • Connotea
    Free online based reference management software. Works in a similar fashion to delicious. Targeted towards scientist , researchers and clinicians.
  • Aigaion
    Free. Web based. Exports to Bibtex. Allows annotation in the references.
  • BibTex
    Software that allows you to process lists of documents for bibliographic output. Usually used in conjunction with LaTex.
  • Bibdesk ( Mac OS )
    This is a mac only citation to be used with Latex.

General Productivity

Virus Protection / Security

These are free antivirus and spyware programs.

    Free basic anti virus software.
  • AVAST!
    Free basic anti virus and spyware protection software. Note: Windows Only
  • Registry Cleaner  
    This application helps you maintain your registry, removing older programs, errant files among other items. This may help improve performance. Read more about it at Lifehacker.

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