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Engineering: Research Issues

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Referencing Books

Referencing Tips

When you are reading a book, a book chapter, journal article, document on the web etc., it is important that you note down the bibliographic details (author, title year of publication, URL etc.,) of the material. This is because you will have to cite the resources you used in your work. Failing to cite or reference the resource you used to complete your assignment or project work, is a breach of copyright law and you can be charged for plagiarism. Remember to always cite your sources of information at the end of your work.

The following books can link you to different styles of referencing or citation.

How to search Databases

This site will be of help to guide you do your searches.

How to Create a Library Account

My Account is one of the feaures on the OPAC page. When you create this account it will let you view your library account details.  Details such as items you have borrowed and their due dates.  It will also enable you request for a book that is checked out and you may want to request for it.

The Process of creating the account.


1.      Click on the login link or My library Account

2.      Enter your barcode in the space provided. Your barcode is made up of your student/staff number and date of birth, as follows:

- your staff or student number

- your date of birth (DD)

- First three letters of the month (MON)

- The year in full (YYYY)

Your barcode will look like this: 10286397DDMONYYYY

3.      Leave the PIN box blank

4.      Click the submit button

5.      You will be prompted to create a pin

6.      Create your pin (your pin should be alphanumeric, not less than 8 characters. Choose a pin you will remember)

7.      Submit


Our library records DO NOT display your PIN information. Library personnel cannot view your PIN.

Some relevant research method books

Relevant resource to writing your dissertation

Database in Research Methods


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