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Marine and Fisheries Sciences: Library Services

Serving the Marine and Fisheries Community of the University of Ghana and beyond

Spaces and Facilities

Library Working Space: The Marine and Fisheries Science Departmental Library as well as the Balme Library provides a convenient  working space, fully connected to the internet for students and faculty.

Braille Library: It serves the visually handicapped students. Materials include books in braille and other equipment used by students to facilitate their academic work. it is located on the West ground floor

Discussion Rooms: There are 7 discussion rooms in the Research Common for graduate students and one for undergraduates in the African Section of Balme Library.

Theses Room: This is where one may consult print volumes of  Masters and Doctoral theses. Is located on the first floor of the west wing of the Balme Library.

Research Commons (RC): It is a specialized high-level research environment intended for exclusive use by faulty, graduate students and researchers.  Locate the RC at the second floor, East wing Extension.

Knowledge Commons(KC): This is a computer laboratory for undergraduate students located at the ground floor east wing of the Balme Library.

24-Hour Reading Room: The Reading Room offers a congenial environment for students around the close.

Information Access Centre (IAC): Situated on the 2nd floor, west wing extension of Balme Library.

Faculty Research Commons: A well-furnished computer laboratory reserved for faculty members

Services Provided

Photocopy  The library allows photocopying of its materials. You might find a copier in any of the libraries where you can request for a copy at a fee. Where there is no copier, you may be allowed to borrow the book for the purpose of photocopying only.

Binding of Books and Other Print Materials  There is a unit located in the west wing of the Balme Library where bindery services are offered at a reasonable fee.  Students may take their theses, dissertations, long essays, and project work to this unit for binding.

Past UG Examination Questions To make past examination questions accessible to all they have been digitized and are available online.  Fill this form to make a request for them.

Reference Management Software  Mendeley Institutional Edition and EndNote X9 are available for download through the library. Ask your Subject Librarian for more information

Library Instruction  The library offers bibliographic instruction to students and faculty. This may either be on request or at the instance of your subject librarian. There are campus-wide library instruction sessions or workshops periodically on topics relevant to you which you would be required to sign up for.

Article Request & Ask a Librarian

 This is a document delivery service offered by the library. Request an article if you cannot get full text from any of the databases UG has access to.

ASK A LIBRARIAN is a live chat that allows you to request help from a librarian via online chat. Connect anytime for assistance.

Accessing UG databases off campus

Note that, while on campus, databases are easily accessible. You do not need username/password to access UG journal databases while on campus.  However, you do need to register for off-campus access to be able to access all other databases when you are not on campus or are using your own internet device for Internet access.

To access databases off-campus you need to create a library account. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Off-campus access to E-resources
  3. Select the first option to create my library account 
  4. Read and follow instructions on this page to create My library account
  5. Take note of barcode/chosen password which you will require to access databases off-campus, subsequently

Past Examinaiton Questions


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