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Statistics: Library Services

Guide to resources in Statistics

Spaces in the Balme Library

These library spaces, in the Balme Library, are available to faculty and students. 

  • Braille Library: it serves the visually handicapped students. Materials include books in braille and other equipment used by students to facilitate their academic work. it is located on the West ground floor
  • Discussion rooms: there are 7 discussion rooms in the Research Common for graduate students and one for undergraduates in the African Section of Balme Library
  • Theses room: a reading room created for the consultation of print format of  Masters and Doctoral theses
  • Research Commons (RC): It is a specialized high-level research environment intended for exclusive use by faulty, graduate students and researchers.  Locate the RC at the second floor, East wing Extension.
  • Knowledge Commons(KC): This is a computer Lab. for undergraduate students located at the Ground Floor east wing.
  • 24-Hour Reading Room: The Reading Room offers a congenial environment for students around the close.
  • Information Access Centre (IAC) .Situated on the 2nd floor, west wing extension of Balme Library. 
  • Faculty Research Commons: A well-furnished computer laboratory reserved for UG faculty members


Listed below are some services the Library offers to support learning and research.

  • Printing: The Library provides printing service that enables users to print their personal documents. Charges are fairly cheap and neat work is always assured. Locate the unit in the Research Commons.
  • Reference Management Software:UG subscribes to two reference management software to help organise your references: EndNote X20 and Mendeley Institutional Edition.

  • User Education/Library instruction: the library organises workshops on the use of the University of Ghana Catalogue (UGCat), electronic databases and other resources and orientation programmes for freshly admitted students at the start of the academic year.

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