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Mathematics: UG Titles

Welcome to the Mathematics guide

Selected Titles

The UG Online Catalogue (UGCat) is where you carry out your search for titles of books that have been provided in your reading lists. This search may be done wherever you have internet access and even on your mobile devices (phone, tablets, ipad etc). The catalogue provides you with enough information to enable you to find the book. The location and call numbers are very important pieces of information and are key to locating the book. Displayed below are a few titles on Mathematics from the UGCat.

Reference Works

Reference works provide a good starting point for research. They are sources designed not to be read from cover to cover but to be used to get key facts about a topic. They provide quick introduction to your subject by covering a lot of points briefly; in-depth background on some of the major people and/or key elements of your topic; vocabulary to use for searches in other resources and ideas for additional resources.

Some Useful Journals

Journals are scholarly publications, published on a regular basis, that keep the academic community abreast of current research in various fields. Each issue of a journal has several articles, depicting research that has been conducted and researchers want to share with colleagues in their discipline.


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