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Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Kiswahili

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The UGCat lists books and theses in the libraries.

Introduction to the Online Catalogue (UGCat)

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UGSpace is an open access electronic archive for the collection, preservation and dissemination of information about faculty research publications and other materials.

Welcome to your Modern Languages Research Guide


Welcome to your research guide for Modern Languages, French, English, Linguistics and Language Centre in the University of Ghana. This guide is designed to help you in your study and research projects. It will help you find a range of relevant resources in these disciplines. 

How to find books for Modern Language Disciplines

To locate any book for Modern Language Disciplines in the University of Ghana Library System (UGLS).


1. Visit the Balme Library's Website and Click on the UGCat or Type the URL address and enter.

2. A search can be done by either Keywords, The authors' name, title of book etc.

3. Select preferred search option and type the keyword or name or title and click on search box.

4. A search result will show where to locate the book with the its call number. Write the call number and visit the stacks for the books searched  for. Modern Languages call number is P. The subdivisions are as follows:

  • P - General Lingusitics

  • PA - Classical Languages & Literature

  • PB - Modern European Languages, Celtic Languages & Literature

  • PC - Romance Languages

  • PD - Old Germanic, Scandinavian

  • PE - English

  • PF - Dutch, German

  • PG - Slavic

  • PH - Finnish

  • PJ - Oriental, Semitic

  • PK - Indo-Iranian

  • PL - East Asian, African, Oceania

  • PM - Indigenous American, Artificial Languages

  • PN - Literary History & Collections

  • PQ - Romance Literature

  • PR - English Literature

  • PS - American Literature

  • PT - Germanic Literature

  • PZ - Childrens' Literature

These titles may be found at the East mezzanine, the Student Reference Library, the Textbook Donation Project collection (on the second floor of the West Wing), Development Information Center (DIC) and the United Nations Library. Also, you can find Modern Language books in your school and departmental libraries.

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